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Kearney, Nebraska
Farm Insurance

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Farm Insurance in Kearney Nebraska
Farm Insurance in Kearney, Nebraska

We are about our Kearney Nebraska farmers and of course want them to have peace-of-mind.  Farm insurance policies are available to protect farm owners and ranch owners, as well as agri-businesses, against a number of perils and liabilities. Coverage is available to protect your home and its contents, as well as farm or ranch buildings and all sorts of liability risks. Other coverages available are–but not limited to–machinery, livestock, commercial exposures, irrigation systems, seasonal homes, and many more options to fit your individual needs.

Coverages are also available on many types of agri-businesses such as feedlots and dairies, just to name a couple.


Standard farm insurance DOES NOT cover flood damage; a separate policy can be purchased for that peril. Curtis can tailor a package to fit your needs.

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